Frequently Asked Questions

Can NON-Airline employees register for Airline Vigilantes trips?


YES! We highly encourage anyone from any field to join us for any trip.


Does Airline Vigilantes provide airfare to any project?


No. Since we mostly provide trips for airline employees, we encourage them to utilize their flight benefits through their employer. However if a NON-airline employee is joining us, we can point them in the right direction into finding affordable options to get to any destination. 


Will Airline Vigilantes help me Non-rev or plan a route?


Yes and no. We will provide you with many tools to help you plan your route as well as resources to make the best decision for your traveling. You will also be added to a Facebook group to network and plan with others going on your trip. You will also have the support of our staff to answer any questions that might come up.


If I decide to Non-Rev and don't make it will I be refunded?


No. Any time you choose to non-rev or travel standby, you assume the risk of not making flights. If you choose to non-rev please allow yourself many options as well as time to get to your destination. We are willing to accommodate late arrivals to the best of our ability and will be handled on case-by-case basis. Also please see our cancellation and refund policy on the Legal Policies page. 


Are children welcome on any trip?


Depends on the project. Most trips are welcome to children over age 12 accompanied by an adult. However some trips are 18+ depending on the nature of the work. We also are hosting a "Kids trip" sometime this summer for children 5-15. More details to follow soon.


What is the cancellation policy?


Please see the Legal Policies page under the About Us tab.


What is included on Airline Vigilantes trips?


Most trips include food (3 meals a day), lodging for the duration of volunteering (not including any before or after sightseeing) and transportation to the project. There are some exceptions for Cuba and other destinations. All details about what is included are on the trip specific page.


What vaccinations do I need?


Depends on the project site. You can always visit the website which will give you a list of all recommended vaccinations. Talk to your doctor and decide what is best for you.


Do I need to have additional travelers insurance?


No. However we always recommend that you contact your health insurance provider and see what coverage you have for being abroad. You have the option to purchase additional insurance through Nomad Travelers Insurance or by waiving the insurance you agree to Airline Vigilantes Terms and Conditions that we, Airline Vigilantes, are not liable for any bodily injury or harm while you are on an Airline Vigilantes trip. Please see the Legal Policies page for more information. 

For example; as a Southwest Airlines employee, you are covered abroad up to an unlimited amount, even while not working, for emergency medical evacuation. 


Is Airline Vigilantes associated with Southwest Airlines?


No. Although many of our participants work for SWA, we are in no way sponsored by or associated with SWA or any airline. However we do register all qualifying trips with SWA's Tickets for Time program. Any SWA employee who is interested in finding out more information on T4T please see the Volunteerism page of SWALife. All qualifying trips will be registered and information will be sent out individually for those who qualify. 


Is Airline Vigilantes a 501c3 non-profit?


Not yet! We are working around the clock to complete our 501c3 non-profit status. Once we are registered we will post our EIN number and let participants know how they can write off donations and trip expenses for each year. For past participants, we have a 3 year back date for tax write-offs and receipts will be sent out individually. Please be patient with us as we move forward with our goal of becoming a 501c3 non-profit.


What if I don't have someone to travel with or share a room with?


We will help you! We create a social network site, for example, a Facebook group, for each individual trip. Using these tools, we connect you with other travelers in your group to coordinate and plan with before your trip! Even if social media isn't your thing, we can introduce you to other travelers based on age and gender in order to facilitate a compatible situation. Still have concerns? Our team is always ready to help and answer questions.


What does lodging look like?

Depends on the project site. Standard accommodations are a "dorm style" rooms or small guest houses. We will only accept clean, hygienic and comfortable accommodation. We are kept up to date with any work that might be commencing during the volunteers stay, if this will affect them in any way, we will arrange alternative accommodation.


How many days off will I need?


Typically 10. However, some trips are longer than others and it depends on if you choose to do any sightseeing before or after. The typical Airline Vigilantes trip, is 7 days of volunteering, not including travel time to any destination. Our more distant trips, like Asia, might take two or more days to travel to. Refer to the trip specific details for more information. 


What are the physical expectations?


Again depends on the trip. We try and make all volunteer projects accommodating to every person no matter what age or physical ability. However, some projects are more demanding than others, in which case we will make that information available. Refer to the trip details, and if you still have questions, email us and we will find a solution. 


Will I need to obtain a visa?


Depending on the country you may need to obtain a visa before your trip. Never fear! We will provide all information necessary as well as resources of how to obtain the visa well before your travel. Most visas are issued upon arrival into the country, unless otherwise specified in your trip details. 


What if I have special dietary requirements?


We will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Depends on the trip, for example, the Elephant park is all vegan. The Philippines trip is with a host family where they cook what ever is available, so it really depends on the location. Details will be provided in the trip specific page, but usually there is always a vegetarian and Halal option.


I've never traveled outside of the country before, is this still something I can do?


YES! We always encourage anyone who is new to traveling to start with Airline Vigilantes! We are a like minded group of individuals  who want to connect everyone with the experience of new cultures and ideas. We will be there to support you every step of the way! Don't fret, chances are there are many others like you in the group out for their first adventure! 


Where can I find a hotel / sight-seeing / tours / transportation before or after the trip?


We will help you as much as we can. Most of the countries and projects we have visited before and can recommend you in the right direction based off personal experience. 


I'm planning on signing up with a group of friends. Can I be guaranteed that we will be together?


Yes and no. We do everything in our power to room and match groups with their travel preferences. Some accommodations will only allow two to a room. Communicate with us and we will work with you to make the experience seamless. 


How do I exchange currency?


Usually we encourage people to have about the equivalent of about $200.00USD in the local currency. Most destinations will have ready access to an ATM where your debit cards will work with some exceptions. Provided in every welcome packet will be how much you need to have for your stay as well as what bank access you will have. 


How many months does my passport need to be valid for / how many spare pages?


That depends on the country. You can always check the website and it will be included in your welcome packet for the specific trip. Typically 6 months and two spare or empty pages. 


Is Airline Vigilantes associated with any religion or political party?


NO! These are NOT religious based trips (mission trips) and no posting or opportunities will be for the benefit of any religion or political affiliation. This extends to our social media sites as well as trip destinations.